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The Gastrointestinal Department at Queens NRI hospital, has a team of skilled and renowned physicians whose combined experience provide comprehensive care for the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract involving the oesphagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, pancreas and liver. Our Hospital is well equipped with full Olympus endoscopy systems to enable gastroenterologist to perform various endoscopy procedures, ERCP procedures and other related procedures. The hospital encourages the department to emphasize on a team approach, enlisting the cooperation of other departments in providing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. The interaction provides a large number of specialists to provide the most advanced techniques in diagnosis and therapy.

Services Offered

In addition, the Gastroenterologist has expertise in the specialized filed of minimal access surgery. Care pathways include a broad based multidisciplinary clinical program for malignant disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The program offers evaluation and treatment for patients with cancer of the digestive tract and liver. The centre is also recognized by the government as a CENTRE FOR LIVER TRANSPLANT.


Medical equipment that is available is the cutting edge and the equipment is sourced from the world’s best vendors.

  • Various types of gastric cancers- We treat and diagnose various types of gastric cancers which occur in patients. Our department analyzes and performs various types of tests which include ultrasound, Laproscopy and barium X ray techniques to ensure that gastric cancers are detected early and treated before they become fatal for the patient.
  • Bowel Diseases- Various types of bowel diseases including Ulcerative colitis Crohn's disease can be rapidly diagnosed and treated at our medical gastroentrology department. We provide the best facilities for disease detection and management compared to any other hospital at a highly affordable price.
  • Ulcers- We have one of the most advanced Ulcer detection and treatment facilities for patients. Our expert team of doctors analyzes the various factors which lead to acidity and ulcer formation and prescribe the right type of medicines for healing and improving the patients health.
  • Pancreatic Disorders- We treat and diagnose all types of pancreatic inflammations, pancreatic disorders are diagnosed & Treated. Using the latest diagnostic and treatment methods.
  • Our hospital also provide emergency services for patients who have severe gastroentrology conditions, severe GI bleed. This service has been streamlined to reduce patient risk and enhance the quality of patient care.


Our surgical services list includes all types of gastrointestinal and haptobiliary surgeries.

We offer the following services in our surgical gastroenterology department
  • Minimal Access Surgery procedures – We perform all the types of laproscopic surgeries which include colectomy, diagnostic laparoscopy and appendectomy
  • Lap Band, Sleeve and gastric bypass procedures under bariatric surgery.
  • Colorectal Surgery which includes surgical procedures for haemorrhoids and Fistula conditions.
    • We offer all types of trauma and emergency services which are required for patients and have every type of facility required for pre and post operative care
    • We also handle various types liver biopsies, colo-rectal resection, foreign body removal and endoscopy services which are performed by highly skilled surgeons.
  • We take the greatest amount of care in treating our patient and help them recover in the quickest time possible. With a dedicated team of support staff who care and attend to our patients all the time , our hospital makes a patient stay very comfortable and stress free