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Qualification: MBBS,MD, DM Gastroenterology
Designation : Consultant Gastroenterologist
Speciality :Gastroenterology

Dr.Girinadh is renowned endoscopist performing Endoscopy for various common diseases like Hyperacidity-peptic ulcer disease, GERD (acid reflux disease –on the rise due to lifestyle and stress related problems). Also diagnosing cancers and providing treatment for the same including Metal stenting for Esophageal cancer and enteral stenting. For patients of oro-pharyngeal cancers, where nutrition suffers, endoscopic PEG placement is done for feeding avoiding surgical procedures for same. Patients with gastrointestinal bleeding are managed with endotherapy .

He performs colonoscopy for common ailments of colitis/bleeding per-rectum or for cancer screening and diagnosing with biopsy. He specializes in endoscopic removal of tumors with polypectomy and also performs metal stenting for colonic lesions. His special area of interest is therapeutic ERCP wherein obstructed gall stones are removed from bile duct endoscopically and performing drainage procedures by stenting. Endotherapy for various cancers of bile-ducts, gall bladder and hepatic- cholangiocarcinomas is his specialization with metal stenting for palliation. Pancreatic endotherapy for various pancreatic diseases like chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic pseudo-cysts as well as in-operable pancreatic cancers causing obstructive jaundice.

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