Key Areas

Key Areas

NRI Hospital will be a self-equipped institute which will host and manage all related areas of medicine, surgery and hospital management.

Cashless Settlement

NRI Hospital Insurance Desk will provide services in facilitating cashless payment of hospital bills. If the patient is a medical aim policyholder (of private and public insurance companies), he can avail of cashless payment through Insurance. The patient can contact our Insurance Desk to facilitate authorization of its cashless treatment. Patients will be given cashless treatment to the extent of the amount that is approved in the authorization forms by the Third Party Administrator (TPA) subject to terms and conditions of mediclaim policy. We, at NRI Hospital, will take care that every patient will be able to obtain a quick and hassle-free discharge.


NRI Hospital telemedicine department aims to be the perfect liaison between doctors and patients on different sides of the globe.


Tele-reporting becomes a key ingredient for the success of telemedicine and data management. NRI Hospital will take care of this and enhance swifter reporting leading to faster diagnosis and treatment.