Patient Care

Patient Care

The patient's comfort is our prime concern.

Our hospital staff is committed to be warm and welcoming and believes that paying attention to patient's comfort and respecting their concerns will aid in their recovery and healing process.
The staff will ensure that the patient's stay, in case of admission, will be a restful one, raising medical hospitality to higher standards.
Also, the OPD area is planned for efficient and easy delivery of consultation services.
The entire hospital is designed and structured for easy movement of patients. The hospital is filled with natural sunlight & greens making it a cheerful place to be in. Because to us, there is no greater gift than a smiling and happy patient.

380 well-equipped comfortable rooms categorized into
- General Ward
- Economy Ward
- Twin Rooms
- Single Rooms
- Suites
Stay-in facility for patient's Relative

24 x 7 Pharmacy

24 x 7 Cafeteria