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Department of Plastic Surgery

We redefine your looks through various types of maxilofacial surgical procedures which are also commonly known as plastic surgeries. Our team of doctors has a wide range of experience in handling various types of surgeries which are required for physical reconstruction and beauty enhancement.

Our hospital is equipped with the latest surgical and OP facilities for handling these surgeries successfully which has created a high level of confidence among our patients who bring in a large number of referrals. Our Hospital lets you gain access to the world of beauty and grace which you never imagined before.

Our facility list includes

  • Full fledged Modular Operation Theatres with Laminor Air Flow
  • 24 Hrs ICU Backup
  • Harmonic Scalpel
  • Operating Microscope


The commonest procedures performed are breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift or mammoplasty, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, rhinoplasty, correction of prominent ears, scar revisions, Liposuction is removing localized fat from the body to give a new shape. It boosts the self confidence of patients who are depressed after trying all other means of weight loss. It include Breast Reduction (Breast reduction surgery / Breast ‘TUCK’), Breast Reconstruction following Breast Cancer, Male Breast Reduction commonly known as ‘Gynaecomastia’ in medical terms. Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty includes removal of fat as well as the fold of excess skin. It can also be done for bulky thighs, arms, buttocks, etc.

Rhinoplasty includes corrections in the shape of the nose can be done through elevation of depressed nose or tip of the nose, lengthening of a very short nose, removal of a hump from the bridge of the nose, reduction of length of the nose, reducing the bulk of a rounded tip. Correction of associated problems like breathing can also be done along with an ENT surgeon.

Scar Revision: Any injury to the body heals with scar formation. The extent of scar produced depends on various factors like age, familial tendency, race, nature of the injuring force, direction, depth, location, size of the wound and the immediate treatment or handling and stitching the wound. Most Scar revisions are done under local anaesthesia with day care treatment. Simple moles, acne marks, warts and skin lesions can be removed with a hairline scar.

Reconstructive Surgeries for congenital deformities: With current surgical techniques we are able to restore not only function but also offer aesthetic improvement in children born with congenital anomalies. It includes

  • Cleft lip and palate and associated defects
  • Other clefts involving the face and face skeletonM
  • Ear defects (microtia, bat ears)
  • Other abnormalities of the facial skeleton
  • Hand defects (Syndactyly, polydactyly)
  • Urogenital defects like hypospadias, haemangiomas
  • Vascular Anomalies (Hemangioma/ A-V Malformation)

Reconstructive Surgeries for acquired deformities: Acquired conditions include maxillofacial trauma like fracture of the jaws: mandible, maxilla, orbital fractures. Patients present with crush injuries of hand, finger amputations which need replantation or soft tissue defects involving lower limb emergency reconstructive surgery, which on many occasions can save a patient’s life or limb. Outside the emergency setting, reconstructive surgery plays a major role in getting a traumatized patient back to function and our department is well suited to fulfill this.

Common Trauma Surgeries include :

  1. Deformities following injuries
    1. Facial surgeries include Soft Tissue, Maxillofacial Fractures
    2. Hand Surgeries include Finger Tip Injuries, Flexor Tendon Injuries, Extensive Tendon Injuries, Complex soft tissue and bone injuries, Nerve & Vascular injuries, Replantation & Revascularization.
  2. Deformities resulting from burns
    1. Facial Burns
    2. Hand Burns
    3. Extensive Burns
    4. Post Burns Deformities
  3. Deformities resulting from cancer surgery
    1. Head & Neck Reconstruction following oral cancer excision