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Dr. Yasarapu. Pydipathi Rao

Qualification: MBBS., MD (DER)
Designation : Consultant Dermatology
Speciality :Dermatology
Experience:24 Years Experience In Field Of Dermatology

Dr. Pydipathi Rao is working as a Visiting Consultant Dermocosmetology with Queens NRI Hospital.He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetology and dermatology. From the most serious of hair and skin conditions to the most advanced procedural dermatology, he can provide the most appropriate solutions to the problems faced by his patients.

He is qualified as an MD in dermatology and venereology and has been augmenting his knowledge through various programs and workshops on dermatology and cosmetology. In his past experience he has worked with the leading dermato-cosmetologist clinics in Visakhapatnam continuously enhancing his knowledge in the domain. He specializes in cosmetic procedures like botox, fillers. He also helps patients who need speciality treatments for ailments like leprosy and vitiligo.

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